24 August 2007

[6] Saving Method

[6] Saving Method

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An uncle has been waiting for the bus at the bus stops. After few minutes, the bus arrives but did not stop at the bus stop. The uncle thought it will stop a bit further so he start running after the bus.
Unfortunately, the bus never stop. It keeps running. The uncle keeps following the bus until he realizes that he arrives home already.
The uncle is very happy that he can save a bit of money today. He happily told his wife "Honey, you know, today I ran after the bus until arriving home. I don't have to pay the bus fee"

"Stupid" instead of compliment, the wife surprisingly blames her husband. "Do you know how much you can save, if you ran after taxi!!"

Learning Part
It's a stupid joke. The wife thought her husband can save more money if he ran after the taxi because the taxi fee is normally more expensive than the bus fee.
Arrive = Reach the destination
Further = More distant (Comparative of far)
Unfortunately = Unlucky
Fee =A charge for services
Surprisingly = Adv. fo surprise
Blame = To find fault on someone

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