17 October 2008


2a (indefinite article)
1abandon (verb)
ability (noun)
able (adjective)
1about (adverb)
2about (preposition)
1above (adverb)
2above (preposition)
abroad (adverb)
absence (noun)
1absent (adjective)
absolute (adjective)
1abstract (adjective)
1abuse (verb)
2abuse (noun)
1academic (adjective)
accept (verb)
acceptable (adjective)
1access (noun)
2access (verb)
accident (noun)
accompany (verb)
according to (preposition)
1account (noun)
2account (verb)
accurate (adjective)
accuse (verb)
1ache (verb)
2ache (noun)
achieve (verb)
1across (preposition)
2across (adverb)
1act (noun)
2act (verb)
action (noun)
active (adjective)
activity (noun)

actor (noun)
actual (adjective)
actually (adverb)
adapt (verb)
add (verb)
addition (noun)
additional (adjective)
1address (verb)
2address (noun)
adequate (adjective)
adjust (verb)
administration (noun)
admire (verb)
admission (noun)
admit (verb)
adopt (verb)
1adult (noun)
2adult (adjective)
1advance (verb)
2advance (noun)
advantage (noun)
adventure (noun)
advertise (verb)
advertisement (noun)
advice (noun)
advise (verb)
affair (noun)
affect (verb)
affection (noun)
afford (verb)
1after (adverb)
2after (preposition)
3after (conjunction)
afternoon (noun)

again (adverb)
against (preposition)
1age (noun)
2age (verb)
agency (noun)
agent (noun)
ago (adverb)
agree (verb)
agreement (noun)
agriculture (noun)
ahead (adverb)
1aid (verb)
2aid (noun)
1aim (verb)
2aim (noun)
1air (noun)
airplane (noun)
airport (noun)
1alarm (noun)
2alarm (verb)
1alert (adjective)
2alert (noun)
3alert (verb)
alive (adjective)
1all right (adverb)
2all right (adjective)
1all (adjective)
2all (adverb)
3all (pronoun)
allow (verb)
almost (adverb)
1alone (adjective)
2alone (adverb)
1along (preposition)
2along (adverb)
alphabet (noun)
already (adverb)
also (adverb)
alter (verb)
1alternative (adjective)
2alternative (noun)

although (conjunction)
1altogether (adverb)
always (adverb)
amaze (verb)
ambition (noun)
ambitious (adjective)
among (preposition)
1amount (noun)
2amount (verb)
an (indefinite article)
analysis (noun)
analyze (verb)
and (conjunction)
1anger (noun)
2anger (verb)
1angle (noun)
angry (adjective)
1animal (noun)
ankle (noun)
announce (verb)
annoy (verb)
1annual (adjective)
1another (adjective)
2another (pronoun)
1answer (noun)
2answer (verb)
anxiety (noun)
anxious (adjective)
1any (adjective)
2any (pronoun)
anybody (pronoun)
anyone (pronoun)
anything (pronoun)
anyway (adverb)
1anywhere (adverb)

1apart (adverb)
apartment (noun)
apologize (verb)
apology (noun)
apparent (adjective)
apparently (adverb)
1appeal (noun)
2appeal (verb)
appear (verb)
appearance (noun)
apple (noun)
application (noun)
apply (verb)
appoint (verb)
appreciate (verb)
1approach (verb)
2approach (noun)
1appropriate (adjective)
approval (noun)
approve (verb)
1approximate (adjective)
2approximate (verb)
April (noun)
apt (adjective)
1arch (noun)
2arch (verb)
area (noun)
argue (verb)
argument (noun)
1arm (noun)
3arm (verb)
army (noun)
1around (adverb)
2around (preposition)
arrange (verb)
arrangement (noun)

1arrest (verb)
2arrest (noun)
arrive (verb)
arrow (noun)
art (noun)
1article (noun)
artificial (adjective)
artist (noun)
1as (adverb)
2as (conjunction)
3as (preposition)
ashamed (adjective)
1aside (adverb)
ask (verb)
asleep (adjective)
1assist (verb)
1assistant (noun)
1associate (verb)
assume (verb)
assure (verb)
at (preposition)
athlete (noun)
attach (verb)
1attack (verb)
2attack (noun)
1attempt (verb)
2attempt (noun)
attend (verb)
attention (noun)
attitude (noun)
attractive (adjective)
audience (noun)
August (noun)
aunt (noun)

1author (noun)
authority (noun)
1automatic (adjective)
automobile (noun)
autumn (noun)
available (adjective)
avenue (noun)
1average (noun)
2average (adjective)
avoid (verb)
1awake (verb)
2awake (adjective)
1award (verb)
2award (noun)
aware (adjective)
1away (adverb)
2away (adjective)
1awful (adjective)

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